TLPAC test was created to support TLPAC USA in measuring their students English proficiency and developing a standard for English as a second language in countries in which English is not the main language. TLPAC test uses a unique algorithm to define the English level of its test takers and identifies areas in which the student needs improvements.

Evaluation Testing

TLPAC's Evaluation Testing suits a variety of students, regardless of if you are already on the workforce or you are trying to get a benchmark of your English capabilities. This test can provide a guideline of your areas of strength and weaknesses. TLPAC is committed to not only providing the students with a score, but also help them in areas that need improvement. Students who successfully complete the Evaluation Exam are encouraged to take the TLPAC Test in order to receive their completion certificate.

TLPAC Testing

TLPAC's Test is a designed for students who have mastered all areas of the English language and need a certification as a employment requirement or other forms of professional development. TLPAC Test has been designed to effectively benchmark the student’s English level. After successful completion of the TLPAC exam students will be able to receive diploma and also have their scores sent to institutions and employers of their choice. The students’ scores will be held indefinitely and the student may request these documents as needed.

TLPAC Teacher Testing

TLPAC's Teacher Exam was created for professional instructors who would like to professionally develop their English teaching qualifications. Our test consists of 5 key areas in which we think instructors need to have a strong proficiency on. TLPAC certificate can provide them with an advantage over their peers and help them turn their dream of teaching into a reality.